Our Project: Human Rights Program

Human rights are inherent to all human beings irrespective of our nationality, religion, caste, color, sex or age. All humans wherever they live or reside have the right to live life with dignity and equality and all the countries have commissions to protect human rights. Our country lays more emphasis on human rights as it is a democratic country where all are treated equally but it has been observed that inequalities do prevail in every society and India is not behind. Moreover, the worst kind of violation of human rights occurring in Rajasthan is the sex selection, the result being that the number of girls has declined sharply in the state. Child sex ratio (0-6years), in Rajasthan, has decreased from 909 (Census 2001) to 883 according to Census 2011. In Rajasthan, provisional census revealed that child sex ratio (0-6 years) of 22 districts is less than 900 and the state now is well known for its increased female feticide and failure from the part of the Government in implementing Pre-conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Test (PC&PNDT) Act. SRKPS is working actively in the area of rights of children and women, not only rights but also for their education, health and other rights like right to food, right to live; and also for people of LGBT community. Creating An Enabling Environment For Girls - Gender discrimination has huge impact on girls and young women's health. Sex determination and sex selective abortion of female fetus is one of the worst forms of gender discrimination violating the survival of rights of child.



Let Girls Be Born (LGBB) project was launched in Jaipur by SRKPS with the technical and financial support of Plan India, New Delhi. The project started from 1st March 2011 and end at March 2014. Both the rural and urban population was covered under field intervention i.e. 20 Gram Panchayats of Chakshu Panchayat Samiti of Jaipur district and 20 wards of Jaipur Municipal Corporation. Focusing towards state level advocacy and sensitization workshop with Govt. Functionary, civil society, Media, lawyers, Judiciary and colleges youths etc, impactful policy level structured changes were achieved. Strict implementation of PCPNDT act can confirm positive result.


The project focuses on to realize a gender balance in society by eliminating female feticide/infanticide and ensuring the right to identity, name and citizenship through birth registration has been achieved through the project activity. The activities being carried out in the project area included several meetings with different stakeholders ASHA, AWW, PRI, VHSNC members, community, youths, Local registrar, SHGs, CBOs, men?s group, Asha supervisor, LHV, MPW, BPM, MO and BCMO etc at each of the selected intervention areas (Gram Panchayats and wards). Signature campaign was organized at Schools colleges and occasionally place etc. To motivate people, Balika Janmahatsov was celebrated so that there could be awareness among the people that not only boys birth has the importance but the girls also do have. Promotion policies like (Balika Sambal Yojna, Joyoti Yojana, Mukhyamantri, Subh Laxmi Yojana etc.) and rallies were conducted to spread our message to youth, community towards favoring the dignity of girl child.


1. SRKPS organized the state, divisional, district and block level workshop on declining child ratio and made the action plan for inclusion of the issue at every platform by every stakeholders in their ongoing program activity.

2. We have organized workshop with collaboration of State commission for women, divisional administration and State PCPNDT cell, Directorate of medical and health services, Jaipur which resultants Mukhyamantrri Subh Laxmi yojana was enacted moreover amount of Mukhbir Yojana was increased from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

3. State level Inspection of the Sonography Centers with the State Team was being done under this project. 6 decoy operations were conducted during the project intervention in which 2 decoy operations have been conducted with collaboration of district administration and 4 decoy operations were conducted with collaboration of State PCPNDT cell. In Rajasthan till date 21 decoy operations were done in which 17 were conducted by SRKPS. So this project is not only enhancing on the issue of female feticide but also implementing the PCPNDT Act strongly on the working areas.

4. State level one day workshop on Challenges of Implementation of PCPNDT, MTP and Population Policy was conducted with collaboration with State commission for women and Plan India to bring concerned stakeholders at one platform to discuss as how acts can be implemented effectively considering the strengths and weaknesses of the population policy in the context of the challenges associated with the sex determination and selective abortions.

5. Zonal level orientation workshop was conducted where collectors, ADMs, SDMs, CMHOs, Public prosecutors and PCPNDT coordinators from 9 districts of Jaipur and Bharatpur division participated. As a Result of this workshop, monthly visit to Sonography center by the appropriate authority has been started and they started to send the monthly inspection visit report at the state PCPNDT Cell regularly.

6. Under IEC activity we put 250 Rickshaw plates with messages "Ling Janch ewam Chayan karna Apradh Hai"and wall writing slogans of girl child protection done during the project phase. Two types of Pamphlets "Ling Janch Kanun Kya Hai" and "Rajasthan me Loopt hoti betiyan" were developed, printed and distributed to every stakeholders.

7. We have printed PCPNDT Act Book for effective implementation in Rajasthan which included message of Honorable Chief Minister, Honorable Health Minister, Additional Mission Director NHM and Executive Director Plan India. This book also includes final data of census 2011, FAQ related to PCPNDT Act, process of decoy operations. Book was inaugurated by Addition Mission Director Mr. Niraj K. Pawan (I.A.S) on 2nd March at Jaipur.

8. Moreover five Flash cards were developed which is being used as a tools for creating the gender related discussion and has been established as good resource cards.

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